Secretary Cabinet Window

What started as an abused and neglected secretary cabinet eventually became an antique family heirloom. The heavily chipped and gummy shellac had actually worn nicely over the years, but it was time for it to become something special again.

The glass was actually missing on the cabinet door. I can remember watching my sister kick this single pane of glass with her heel as a kid, shattering it to pieces! That was simply a large single pane of glass, so this was an opportunity to upgrade this fine antique with a window more befitting a family heirloom.

I first restored the wood finish to a nice french polish without destroying the charming evidence of age. I then took rubbings of the wood carving and designed a pattern that included matching curves. One of my earliest projects, this window proved to be a satisfying challenge with a reward that will certainly outlive me!

~ by studiohanson on 08/13/2005.

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