Perching Parrot Repair

A friend of the family presented a parrot with a broken wing. This was an interesting project because the resulting piece is more sculptural than a typical window or sun catcher. The parrot has at its base a steel nut to which a threaded rod is attached. The nut and the rod were supposed to be soldered into the structure of the piece but over time, this joint became unsound or perhaps it was never strong enough to begin with.

The weakness became a problem because the rod is used to perch the figure inside a bamboo hoop which is suspended from monofilament. At some point, either from wind or a fall, the rod snapped apart breaking some glass in the process. We found a suitable replacement using Kokomo glass with green and red that worked nicely into the design.

The outer border was also done in “H” channel lead. In this case, “U” channel would have been more appropriate because it would give the figure a smooth edge. We decided to simply rebuild the entire piece from scratch using new lead throughout and taking advantage of the opportunity to make the edge much nicer using lead with a “U” cross-section. We also added rigid, hidden reinforcements using thin but strong copper designed to run inside the channel next to the glass edge to provide internal strength. Finally, replaced the monofilament with brass chain. This sentimental piece should now last years to come.

~ by studiohanson on 08/14/2011.

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