Summit Sips Turns 101

Some of you may not realize that I maintain another website called Summit Sips. It’s a cocktail blog running on WordPress with a custom theme similar to the technology behind the Studio Hanson website. Recently, Summit Sips published its 101st article. Breaking 100 posts may not seem like much to a micro-blogger or someone who is posting one-line updates multiple times per day, but the posts on are more substantial. Most of them break five hundred words and many are over a thousand. Each article typically contains several photographs as well.

I don’t normally do any cross-promotion of these sites, but I consider the Summit Sips project a successful example of what can be done with this framework. Given enough enthusiasm about the subject matter, it’s possible to build a respectable following while providing useful reference material to the online community. As the site’s sole administrator and content contributor, I have enjoyed building and maintaining the technology as well as writing all of the articles.

If you are interested in mixology or just want to see an example of a clean layout to present informative content, I encourage you to check out Summit Sips. Sites like this with changing content are more likely to appear in web search results, and using WordPress to manage the content gives you access to thousands of plugins and enhancements that can make a site even better. With very little in startup expenses, Studio Hanson can build a similar site for you or your company. It doesn’t have to be a blog—but there are proven benefits to maintaining a company news feed to keep your content fresh.

~ by studiohanson on 11/01/2010.

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