Sunset Wisteria Project

Every so often a project comes along that allows you to work with incredible designs and colors. That was the case for this 4-panel project entitled “Sunset Wisteria”.

The concept was straightforward—create a 4-panel piece to fit into two cabinet doors using wisteria flowers as a subject. The only catch was that the flowers needed to match a deep burgundy color used extensively throughout the room decor.

I seized the opportunity to build a replica of a Tiffany Studios window that was commissioned in 1920-1930 for a house in Passaic, New Jersey. The original window which recently sold at auction for $75,000 is a multi-paneled piece with a design that worked nicely for this project.

After adjusting the design shape and size to fit the cabinet doors, I selected glass to match the colors requested by the client. The dark maroon flowers atypical of wisteria would work if the scene could be imagined during sunset. This meant that the background glass needed to resemble a twilight sky.

All 477 individual pieces were cut and assembled into four panels. These panels were installed into the double-doored cabinet. They are back-lit, but this piece works just as well in reflected light. The variation in the color of the flowers match the decor nicely. Before the installation, I arranged each panel on the light table to show how they would look once installed. Although the panels are slightly larger than the light table, you can see how they look when brightly backlit below:

~ by studiohanson on 05/27/2009.

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