Oval Victorian Window Restoration

Shortly after the Villager article, I was contacted by a fellow St. Paul resident in the process of restoring his Victorian home. Adjacent to hia front door is an oval window that matches the facade transom. This oval window suffered from years of dust and grime embedded into dark shellac that was used to finish the surrounding wood. In addition, the lead had started to sag causing the the window to bow inward. Unfortunately, one piece was broken, but something had to be done to clean the the glass and to prevent more damage.

To properly addressing these issues required removal of the sagging lead. Since the majority of the interior bevels and larger pieces were still intact, only the border needed restoration. Eight border pieces were completely removed. This allowed me to remove the shellac and scour away a century of accumulated grime and made it easier to clean the remaining pieces.

Once cleaned, the border pieces were put back into their respective positions with new lead and putty. The window was also reframed with new lead now it it’s restored, flattened state. Perhaps it will last another hundred years!

~ by studiohanson on 03/20/2009.

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