Sun Catcher in the style of L.C. Tiffany

A typical sun catcher found in any gift shop will often depict a hummingbird, a flower or sun bursting with “paint-by-numbers” artificiality. Rarely do these whimsical figures represent the best that stained glass can offer because they are simply too small or too literal to demonstrate the subtleties of color and design aesthetics that is so appreciated in their larger lampshade and window counterparts. Most sun catchers are quickly constructed from scrap in order to build low-cost, high profit gift items for customers not prepared to commission a window or lampshade.

In contrast to this common shortfall, this sun catcher is altogether different. In this version, only the best opalescent art glass is used. The shape is adapted directly from a real Tiffany pattern, and the colors are selected in the manner of a museum-quality lampshade with the intention of capturing the essence of the original Tiffany design on a smaller scale. However, despite these revisions, the pieces remain identical in size and shape to the lampshade from which they are inspired, and because of that, it’s easy to recognize the design.

Pictured here is the Snowball, or Hydrangea, as it’s often referred. Tiffany built this design as both 16 and 22-inch lampshades and the motif often appears in windows depicting landscapes and other flora.

~ by studiohanson on 12/17/2008.

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