Small Desk Lamps

When it comes to small desk lamps, nothing glows with ambient beauty like opalescent art glass. The need for task lighting in small spaces gets solved by these seven-to-eight-inch shades that sit upon hand-made brass bases. They add a bit of accent to any decor and are sure to grab your attention! The shades can be made from any color and many styles work well, from simple cones to curved geometric motifs. The harp bases are made-to-order using solid brass parts and finished with a hand-applied chemical patina. An entire piece is a functional work of art.

Starting with a sheet of heavily mottled blue/green/purple glass, I was able to make the green dome by selecting each piece within green areas. Then, I made a cone of similar size using primarily the blue areas of the glass. Knowing that these two shades each come from the same sheet of glass illustrates the importance and variables associated with glass color selection. The green dome shade and harp base inspired the Studio Hanson company logo!

~ by studiohanson on 08/26/2006.

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